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    1. Landmark Lions project to provide genome sequencing to hundreds of Aussie kids with cancer

      ( Garvan Institute of Medical Research ) Hundreds of Australian children with high-risk cancer will have access to new genome sequencing technologies that could guide their treatment, following the announcement today of substantial Lions Club funding for the Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project -- an important new component of the Zero Childhood Cancer Program for diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.

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    2. News digest – Cancer’s ‘Achilles heel’, e-cigs, vegan diets and… condoms cause cancer?

      News digest – Cancer’s ‘Achilles heel’, e-cigs, vegan diets and… condoms cause cancer?
      • Our scientists uncovered a potential ‘Achilles heel’ on the surface of cancer cells, which helps give us important clues that could one day lead to personalised treatments using patients’ own immune systems. The BBC, Guardian, Financial Times and many more covered this story. And here’s our press release and blog post for the full scoop on the story.
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    3. Childhood cancer cells drain immune system’s batteries

      Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have discovered that the cells in neuroblastoma – a rare type of childhood cancer that affects nerve cells – produce a molecule that breaks down arginine, one of the building blocks of proteins and an essential energy source for immune cells. This molecule – called arginase - creates a huge dip in the level of arginine found in the area around the tumour.

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    4. Cancer Research UK invests £15 million in new major centres

      Cancer Research UK invests £15 million in new major centres

      Cancer Research UK launches Major Centres in Oxford, Manchester and Cambridge today, with each receiving £5 million to boost their work in personalised cancer medicine and early detection research. The Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre*, the Cancer Research UK Manchester Centre**, and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre*** are the first to gain Major Centre status in the charity’s network of 15 research centres around the country****.

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    5. European data laws – where privacy meets progress in research

      European data laws – where privacy meets progress in research

      In the 1970s just one in four people with cancer survived for at least 10 years in the UK. Today half do. And research is behind this progress. Yet, right now, a new law being negotiated by European policy makers in Brussels threatens how researchers across Europe – including our own – do their job. The Data Protection Regulation looks at how people’s personal data is used across all sectors, from telecoms through to research.

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    6. Acrobats create 'Human DNA Helix' to launch charity campaign

      A team of acrobats formed a breathtaking ‘human DNA helix’ today to launch Cancer Research UK’s final year of fundraising to raise £100 million pounds for the Francis Crick Institute, a world-leading biomedical research centre that will open in London in 2016. The ten acrobats, including members of the ‘mens 4’ British and world champion sports acrobatics team, performed an awe-inspiring routine at King’s Cross station, next to where the Crick is being built.

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    7. G-CSF and Neuroblastoma Stem Cells

      G-CSF and Neuroblastoma Stem Cells

      The current publicity, discussion and inevitable concern regarding the use of G-CSF as an element of neuroblastoma treatment has its roots in the gradual acquisition of new knowledge about the drug and its functions, rather than in one unprecedented and unexpected new finding. G-CSF was first introduced in paediatric oncology in the early 1990s. Potential issues about its use were discussed at the 2014 Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (CNCF) Parent Meeting.

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    8. The UK Childhood Cancer Conference 2015

      The UK Childhood Cancer Conference 2015

      The UK Childhood Cancer Conference takes place on Friday 15th May this year, in association with Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) and Bethany’s Wish.  This fantastic event brings together paediatric oncology researchers, world-leading experts, allied health professionals working in the field of paediatric oncology, support groups, children’s cancer charities and most importantly parents of […]

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    9. Revamped drug may overcome resistance in brain tumours

      Press release

      Cancer Research UK scientists have taken steps to overcome drug resistance in glioblastoma, the most common type of brain tumour in adults, according to research published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

      Scientists at the University of Bradford, along with colleagues in the USA and Finland*, have created a modified version of the cancer drug temozolomide**, the first-line treatment for glioblastoma.

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    10. Antibodies shaping up for cancer fight

      News report

      Harnessing the body’s immune system to treat cancer could be made more effective by getting antibodies into a particular shape, UK researchers have found.

      “Immunotherapy is part of the future of cancer treatment, and it's important that we use our best weapons to fight the disease" - Professor Nic Jones, Cancer Research UK

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    11. BBC’s Inside Out

      For those of you who are able to view Inside Out we’re proud to say the NCCA UK featured on last night’s programme.The programme highlighted the issues of childhood cancer in light of recent developments with the Aysha King case.

      We have fantastic treatment centres here in the UK but promising science is not being developed into treatments quick enough.

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    12. New drug target can break down cancer's barrier against treatment

      Press release

      Cancer Research UK scientists at Barts Cancer Institute have found that targeting a molecule in blood vessels can make cancer therapy significantly more effective, according to research published in Nature.

      “This exciting research may have cracked how healthy cells in the blood vessels are protecting against cancer treatments.

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    13. “It upset me enormously that children were dying, and I wanted to do something to help them” – Andy’s story

      “It upset me enormously that children were dying, and I wanted to do something to help them” – Andy’s story

      To coincide with the publication of our annual review, we caught up with Professor Andy Pearson, who’s leading our groundbreaking BEACON neuroblastoma trial.

      From a very early stage in his career, Andy knew he wanted to take on childhood cancer, particularly neuroblastoma.

      “It’s very simple you know. When I started looking after children with cancer, it was emotional,” he told us.

      “I wanted to do something to actually improve their chance of a cure.”

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    14. ACT FAST Trial to Open in September

      September marks national Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the opening of a highly-anticipated SKC-funded clinical trial. The same researchers who made headlines in the New York Times for curing 9-year-old Emily Whitehead of her leukemia using her own immune cells will open a clinical trial at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and at the University of Utah using the same technology to treat children with high-risk neuroblastoma.

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    15. UK charity collaborates with MBAs to improve cancer care

      UK charity collaborates with MBAs to improve cancer care

      More than 40 students from business schools in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas will assist World Child Cancer this summer. Since being founded in 2007 by Geoff Thaxter, the UK charity has worked closely with international hospitals and volunteer healthcare workers to help children in developing countries suffering from cancer. Now, MBA skills are expected to have an impact on the charity’s existing strategy.

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    16. Charity pledges £500,000 towards Future Fund campaign for specialist childhood cancer centre in Newcastle

      Charity pledges £500,000 towards Future Fund campaign for specialist childhood cancer centre in Newcastle

      Chris Peacock, Chairman of North of England Children's Cancer Research Fund (NECCR) presents a cheque for £500,000 to Newcastle University's 'Future Fund' accepted by Dr. Katie Harland, Senior Development Manager A campaign to establish a £5.5m specialist childhood cancer centre in the region has receeived a £500,000 boost from a local charity.

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    17. Alexander Strong’s appeal money donated to Ncca Uk

      The family of Alexander ‘Lex’ Strong, who had neuroblastoma, have decided to donate his appeal money to a charity which helps families affected by the same illness.

      £60,000 will be given to the NCCA UK, a charity which supports families facing neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

      Lex was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma on Christmas Eve 2009. Sadly, he lost his battle in January 2013 after fighting the disease for two years from the age of 5.

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