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    1. Young cancer patients find comfort in therapy dogs

      Young cancer patients find comfort in therapy dogs

      Therapy dogs can have a positive impact on young children battling cancer, according to a Vanderbilt study. Children who are diagnosed with serious or chronic diseases often spend long stints in hospitals, which can trigger bouts of anxiety and depression. But now, researchers are studying a way to ease those fears and the prescription comes in the form of man's best friend. Bryce Greenwell is no stranger to tests or hospitals.

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    2. BBC News - Frozen testicle 'live birth first'

      BBC News - Frozen testicle 'live birth first'

      A sample of frozen testicle has been used to produce live offspring in experiments on mice, Japanese researchers report. The breakthrough could have important implications for boys with cancer who become infertile due to chemotherapy treatments. Fertility experts said the data was "very encouraging" and they hoped human trials would not be too far away. The findings have been published in the journal Nature Communications.

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    3. The New York Genome Center® And The Sohn Conference Foundation Announce Multi-Institutional... -- NEW YORK, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

      The New York Genome Center® And The Sohn Conference Foundation Announce Multi-Institutional... -- NEW YORK, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

      /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The New York Genome Center (NYGC) and The Sohn Conference Foundation announced today the launch of The Sohn Collaborative for Pediatric Cancer Research, a multi-institutional effort with the goal of fighting two devastating childhood cancers: pediatric leukemia and neuroblastoma. This collaboration draws together some of leading medical research organizations to advance the clinical understanding of these cancers.

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    4. Inoperable tumor removed from five year old, thanks to 3D printing

      Inoperable tumor removed from five year old, thanks to 3D printing

      A team of surgeons at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona, Spain has successfully completed a "highly complex" surgery to remove a tumor in 5 years old boy, thanks to 3D printing. The child was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, one of the most common cancers in children. It's an "extremely aggressive" tumor that forms in nerve tissue and is diagnosed primarily in children during the first five years of life.

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    5. Health ‘passport’ provides guide for pediatric cancer survivors

      A number of medical institutions around the country are now closely monitoring childhood cancer survivors and studying their long-term health. At UCSF patients at the “Survivors Clinic,” as it is known, get regular physical exams and tests such as x-rays and blood work to monitor their health. Some patients also meet with a staff social worker to discuss issues such as school performance, family issues and mental well-being.

      They also receive a unique piece of information they can carry with them the rest of their lives: a wallet-sized card called a “Survivor Health Passport.” 

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    6. SickKids expert leads editorial calling for paediatric cancer to be made a global child health priority (The Hospital for Sick Children)

      SickKids expert leads editorial calling for paediatric cancer to be made a global child health priority (The Hospital for Sick Children)

      (Source: The Hospital for Sick Children) June 17, 2014 SickKids expert leads editorial calling for paediatric cancer to be made a global child health priority Childhood cancer is a difficult subject to tackle, but one expert from The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is calling for integrated national strategies for better paediatric cancer care.

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    7. Stand Up To Cancer and St. Baldrick’s Pediatric Cancer Dream Team Announced

      The announcement of the Stand Up to Cancer and St. Baldrick’s pediatric cancer dream team brings great excitement and promise.  The $14.5 million dollar grant was announced yesterday and awarded to Dr. J.M. Maris (CHOP) and Dr. C.L. Mackall (NCI) to pursue their work in the area of “Immunogenomics to Create New Therapies for High-Risk Childhood Cancers”.

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    8. Weekly Roundup 03/24 …

      New research suggests that treating patients with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may mobilise more stem cells out of the bone marrow for peripheral blood stem cell collection – in animal studies by as much as four to six times.

      Peter Adamson, MD, head of the Children’s Oncology Group, expresses his fears regarding what the sequestration will mean for future funding of paediatric clinical trials by the National Cancer Institute.

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    9. Genetic Landscape of High-Risk Neuroblastoma

      This newly published research paper, reporting findings from the Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) initiative, concludes that there are very few commonly recurring gene mutations amongst high-risk neuroblastoma patients. Aside from the previously discovered ALK mutation, this would mean there is limited scope for targeted therapy using DNA sequencing techniques to identify mutated genes that may be driving the cancer’s growth.

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    10. TWiPO #23 ~ Neuroblastoma Jeopardy 2011

      TWiPO #23 ~ Neuroblastoma Jeopardy 2011

      TWiPO Episode 23

      Sponsored by Solving Kids’ Cancer (with NB Globe support). Posted with permission.

      In 2011 there were over 1300 new articles published on neuroblastoma in the medical literature.

      Join Dr Tim Cripe and his co-host Dr  Lars Wagner in a fast-paced, in-depth, and comprehensive survey of 18 of the most important papers on neuroblastoma published in 2011.

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    11. New UK clinical trial for relapsed neuroblastoma planned

      LONDON — November 7, 2011 — A new clinical trial testing 177Lutetium-DOTATATE (LuDO) for relapsed neuroblastoma is due to start in the UK next year. The UK is the first country to plan a clinical trial for this new molecular radiotherapy treatment for treating relapsed high-risk neuroblastoma, although it is already used to treat rare adult neuro-endocrine cancers.

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    12. Hu3F8 is now a reality at Memorial-Sloan Kettering

      by Caryn Franca and Shirley Staples

      It was summer of 2007. A group of parents had asked Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung to meet and update them on new treatments for neuroblastoma at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Most had children with relapsed neuroblastoma; all knew the terrible odds. Dr. Cheung, head of the neuroblastoma program at MSKCC, and a long-time proponent of antibody therapy, met with the group at Ronald McDonald House. After the presentation, one dad posed a question.

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    13. Dr Giselle Sholler accepts new position at Van Andel Research Institute

      Dr Sholler completed medical school at New York Medical College, in Valhalla, NY. She was a resident in pediatrics and a fellow in pediatric hematology/oncology at Brown University before moving to the University of Vermont in 2005. Her research focuses on new therapies for neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma.

      She describes her transition to new her position at Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) in an interview at AACR:

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    14. Review Article ~ Advances in Neuroblastoma

      Review Article ~ Advances in Neuroblastoma

      June 2010 review by Dr John Maris in the New England Journal of Medicine (click on image for full-text, posted with permission at CNCFhope.org):

      You can also follow the link below to view a 24 minute webcast of an April 2010 AACR meeting presented by John Maris: “Bridging the Gap: Moving Laboratory Discoveries into Clinical Trials”.
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